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David J. Parsons, Esq., Attorney at Law, attended Loyola Law School in Los Angeles focusing his studies on advocacy. Mr. Parsons is available to practice law in any state court in California Mr. Parsons has been a law clerk for a number of Los Angeles County Superior Court judges. While a clerk for these judges, Mr. Parsons primarily worked on issues concerning criminal law for felony adjudications.

Mr. Parsons volunteered for several years with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office working on some of the most infamous murder cases in the North District including the Dr. Kadivar Murders, the Park and Ride Murder, and the Lancaster Killer Murders.

Mr. Parsons has been a tireless advocate on behalf of his clients. He believes as an advocate--in the best and most ethical meaning of the term--that he must zealously defend each and every one of his clients with the same uncompromising attention to detail and concern for their individual needs. He firmly believes that as an advocate, he should help his clients put their lives back together and make them whole again in the face of an unfamiliar legal system.

Practice Areas

Accidents, traffic tickets, and DUIs

Auto accidents, traffic tickets and DUIsWhen you get into trouble with your vehicle, whether auto accidents, traffic tickets, or DUIs, we can represent you whatever your legal issue is involving vehicles.

Civil Law: Torts, Family, Real Estate and Probate

Civil LawBecause the court is not a place to be alone, so when you need an attorney to represent your interests, you can be assured that you have more than just adequate representation

Criminal and Juvenile

Criminal LawWhen the rest of your life is at stake you need legal council that you can be assured will defend you in the true spirit of "innocent until proven guilty."

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